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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top Organising Tools - Must Haves...

As a professional organiser, I thought that I would share with you some of my most used and favourite organising tools that I simply cannot do without.  Don't forget to add *your* favourite organising tools in the comments section below...

Label Maker

I love to label pretty much EVERYTHING.  From files, to spice jars to containers.  Labels to me - make the world go round.  But not everyone has the time or money to invest in creating labels for everything.  However, a great system to use, is to keep a roll of masking tape on hand for labels.  Masking tape is really easy to write on and it sticks to many surfaces. 

Use labels for folders, kitchen containers, even the leftovers that you want to freeze.  With everything clearly marked, it makes finding things in the long run, a lot easier!

iPhone/Smart Phone
My iphone is my life - it has *everything* on it that I need at any given time.  It syncs with the contacts and calenders that I have in Outlook on my computer - making my life A LOT easier in many respects! 

The iPhone also has many useful apps that can make life run more smoothly - there are apps for almost everything these days.  My iPhone has most certainly been one of my best investments.

While still on the subject of the iPhone/smart phone --- Evernote is one of my favourite apps.  It keeps notes, lists, pictures, receipes, you name it - easy to use when you're on the run.  They have a free version which gives you many options --- try it out today.

Notebook And Pen
I always keep a notebook and a pen in my handbag at all times.  I find it so much easier to pop down notes when I'm out and about and away from my office without having to remember to pop them down when I get home.  Or scribbling it on a scrap piece of paper and then losing it. 

Important information can then be transferred to the appropriate place when you get back to the office.

Post It Notes
I absolutely LOVE post its.  But then again - I love almost everything that comes out of a stationery store.  Post it's are GREAT for using as reminders around the office or house.  You can use them in so many places - on boxes, magazines, containers, in the fridge - there is no limit!

To Do List
I would be lost without my to do list - and this will have to be a completely different blog post entirely - but I find that having a "To Do List" helps me prioritise my time and spend that time productively.

Enough about my favourite organising tools - I would love to hear from you.  What tools help you to get and most importantly *stay* organised?


  1. My everything book, in this day & age of new tech things like smart/iphones everyone relies on them to much.

    Many a time of seen a work person say oh I'll have to let you know later my smart/iphone has craped itself or I'm not getting coverage so can't tell you what my week/month etc is like.

    Where as I can let them know as soon as they ask me as it's all written down in my trusty everything book so making appts or getting info is a breeze and no hassle about having to recharge before phone dies out.

  2. I know exactly what you mean sweety - technology is a wonderful thing, but can be relied on far too much.

    I find it is extremely important to have back ups of everything *just in case*...

    I still can't bring myself to get rid of my normal diary but use it purely as a back up these days.

    Thank you so much for your feedback :-)


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