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Friday, May 20, 2011

Bathroom Organising Tips

Step One: Clean It Out 
  •  Begin by pulling EVERYTHING out of the bathroom – this will make your sorting and cleaning process easier. 
  •  Clean drawers and shelving. 
  • Dispose of creams, make up, hair products & various other products that you haven’t used for six months or more or have expired. 
  • Dispose (or take to your local pharmacy) of medications that have expired. 
  • Dispose of old razors and other items that you simply do not use any more.

Step Two: Create Extra Storage
  • Only store what you use on a daily basis on (or near) the basin counter.
  • Keep only what you absolutely need in the bathroom.
  • Use a magazine rack for magazines.
  •  It can be a good idea if you have the space to assign a shelf, drawer or container for each family member to store their personal items in.

Step Three: Organise Your Space
  • Group similar items together.  For example, toothpaste, mouth wash, spare tooth brushes together; cosmetics, etc
  • Make use of a shower caddy for your shower items such as body wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc.
  • Hang your hair dryer on a hook to save on space
  • Use wall mounted cabinets for extra storage space
  •  If you are short on space you can use shooks on the back of the bathroom door for bathrobes and towels
  • Dedicate a drawer or make up container for your cosmetics.


  1. Love this! Exactly what my bathroom needs.

  2. Oh, you are so full of practical tips. I need someone like you to makeover my life. I will try to take you tips on board. I'm organising the office next!

  3. Hang towel rails or hooks behind bedroom doors for personal towels can be stored there. Bathroom towel rails can then be reserved for guest towels. Allocate a different colour towel and washer to each family member to make it easy to keep track of which belongs where.


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