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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Quick Tips To Getting Yourself Organised

Are you feeling frustrated, stressed and anxious due to clutter and disorganisation taking over you life?  Well, there is no time like the present to get yourself and your surroundings ORGANISED! 

Organised means being able to find items quickly, it's not just about being neat and tidy.  Spaces that are organised are much easier to use.  If you are not inclined to be naturally organised - beginning with one small step at a time is best.  Start with one small area and build on that as you help create your new organising habits.  You can always call in a Professional Organiser who are trained to help if you find it too difficult.

It's a good idea to de-clutter and clean out your belongings before even considering getting yourself organised with new systems, storage and furniture.  If you do it back to front, not only will you waste valuable time - but money too.  It is also a good idea to "de-clutter" on a regular basis. 

Some good questions to ask yourself when going through the de-cluttering process are:
  • Do I really need this?
  • Have I used it in the last twelve months?
  • Could someone else use this item more than I?
Don't Put It Down - Put It Away:
Once you have de-cluttered and set yourself up - you need to get yourself into the habit of putting things away - not just putting it down wherever you feel like.  For instance, when you come through the door - don't just put your keys down - put them in a designated place each time.  You will thank yourself when you are in a rush and can find your keys without tearing the place upside down.  This goes for pretty much everything - your mobile phone, bills, etc.

Use A Calendar/Planner:
Introduce the use of a calender into your daily routine where you can refer to it every day.  Your calendar can remind you of things that you need to do when  you need to do it --- no more late fees on those library books, your bills can be paid on time, etc..  You can even go high tech here and sync your computerised diary/planner with a smart phone - that way you will have your planner with you no matter where you are.

Save Time By Combining Similar Activities:
Do all of your errands at the same time, do all of your shopping in one trip instead of two or three, pay your bills at the same time --- this will not only save you time, but also some of your hard earned cash.

Don't Rely On Your Memory - Write It Down
Keep a notebook in your handbag - any appointments, ideas, notes that you need to remember can be written down so you don't forget.  Smart phones also have many functions and "apps" that can help you record notes, numbers, etc when you're on the run --- embrace technology.

Make Lists:
Make a "To Do" list for your day ahead.  Mark tasks off as you complete them - this will not only help you stay focused, but will also help you prioritise.  Don't forget to be flexible - interuptions and unexpected things WILL happen.

Follow Through:
Be disciplined and stick to your to-do lists and complete the tasks you've set out for yourself.  Eliminate distractions and try not to procrastinate.  Set yourself goals and allocate an amount of time to complete them.  Keep to your agenda.

Post It Notes:
Post It's are a fantastic tool for "reminders".  Put them on mirrors, computer monitors, doors, etc to stop yourself forgetting something important.

Tip:  Always ensure that you have what you need for the day ahead with you.

Tip: Keep all of your surfaces clear and free of clutter - this helps reduce mental clutter and will help you feel instantly calmer --- this doesn't mean that you can just shove clutter in draws (out of sight out of mind) --- refer to my previous point of "Don't put it down - Put it away".


  1. Fantastic idea's! Love your blog and facebook. I read this last week and the last 3 days have been organising my clothes and now have 3 big charity bags. Now my wardrobe is spacious and organised. Now, next thing on my 'list' is: Go through emails and sort into folders... do do doooooo (scary music plays) ;-) Thanks :-)

  2. Hi Lisa,

    This is fantastic to hear.


  3. Some areas in my life I already do this any appts etc get written into a 2011 Diary.

    One point I would love to add is if you live in a share house near the house/voip phone have like monthly page done up for all the share house people done up so that they can write down where they are & when they might be home so if some one phones looking for them.

    The person who answers the phone can look at that date & say sorry Tom is out, but you can try calling him back after 8pm. Cause see Tom would have written down something like Tues 3rd May 2pm to 7pm Library will be home after 8pm.

    Also leave space near that date so any member of the house hold that answers the phone while your out can jot down things like who phed & if they are phing back (with ph number) or if you need to phone them

    This can also can work well on a white board if it doesnt accidentaly get rubbed out.

    There are other areas I still need to sort out fully but its a work in progress that will finally be completed soon.

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX


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