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Friday, April 15, 2011

Tackling The Dreaded Junk Drawer

We've all had one at one time or another - the dreaded junk drawer, where we throw all the odds and ends, bits and pieces and items that we don't other wise have a place for.

Follow the easy steps that I have outlined below and declutter and reorganise your miscellaneous drawer into something you'll be proud of!

Step One:  Remove and empty the contents of the draw onto the floor or a table and clean the drawer with a damp clean cloth.  You might like to take the opportunity to pop in a drawer liner to keep the drawer free from stains and marks.

Step Two:  Broadly categorise the items in front of you while at the same time disposing of anything that has been broken - the chances of you getting any items that have been sitting in this draw out of sight for so long, is minimal.  Put like things together such as buttons, pens, etc - remember to ask yourself if you really need it!

Step Three: Put items that belong elsewhere away.

Step Four:  Gather some organising tools such as a draw divider, Ziploc bags, small containers and a label maker (or masking tape and a permanent marker).  Start organising your items that you have previously categorised in step two and put them into the said containers, bags and label them.  Ask yourself if you really need these items - a general rule that I like to use is if I have not used an item in 12 months or more - out it goes.  When organising the bits and pieces in the drawer - make it neat and easy to find items.

Step Five:  Be disciplined and keep this drawer neat and tidy and free from junk.  Be ruthless and better yet - eliminate the *junk* drawer all together. 

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  1. Loving your blog and all the great tips so far. I think I will do as you suggest and attempt to redo my junky draw tonight.



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