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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Container Containment...

Hands up who has a really messy and unorganised container cupboard - where lids don't match - you can't find what you need when you need it and you're frustrated by just looking at the state of the mess?  We have a step by step guide to help you get this part of your kitchen sorted, once and for all, with some handy tips along the way!

Step One: Empty your cupboard and wipe it out with a clean damp cloth.  Make sure that the cupboard is dry before reorganising.  Now is a good time to put down some contact to make keeping the cupboard clean easier.
Step Two: Sort through your containers and lids and match them up. If there are lids and containers that you do not use or match - get rid of them!  There is no use holding onto it just because you think that you may use it one day down the track.  Chances are that if you haven't used it in the last twelve months - then you won't use it.   Be ruthless!

Step Three:  Start organising!  You may have to play around a little until you get things right, but there are some fantastic organising items that you can purchase these days that will help you get your containers sorted.  I've listed a few below:
  • Racks and Baskets that fit inside your cupboard
  • Lid Organisers
  • Wire Hangers - that can hang over your cupboard door which can give you more storage space.
A great place to check out is Life Storage and Organise ( - they have many storage solutions or even Ikea.

Container caddy's like this one pictured to the left are great and don't cost too much.  I picked one up from The Warehouse a few years ago and find I use it constantly!

Tip:  You will have more room when you match up your lids and containers and organise them in hanging racks.  

Tip:  Ensure that the cupboard will close when you are adding any new shelving systems and racks BEFORE you install them.

Tip:  Put matching sets of containers together - it will be easier to find the container you need when you need it!

Tip: Organising won't help if you have too many containers - downsize if you need to - go on, be ruthless!

Step Four: Stack your containers together, ie - round with round, square with square.  Begin with the largest on the bottom, and work up to the smallest being on top.  If you have the space, it will make it easier if you make multiple stacks.  It is a good idea to keep the matching lids with these containers by nestling them into the side of the containers if they will fit.  Otherwise - keep them nearby or in a lid organiser attached to the door.  This will of course all depend on the space you have and the amount and type of containers you own.

Tip: Collate the small containers by storing them in a larger container - this will make them easier to access and find.

Step Five:  Stay organised - don't go back to the old way of just tossing lids and containers back into your cupboard.  You'll thank yourself in the long run!

Tip:  Store less frequently used containers, such as cake containers, in another location - this will give you additional space and room to move.

Tip: Round containers can waste valuable storage space - try to stick to rectangular and square containers.

Now it's your turn - let me see *your* container cupboard!  And don't forget to share any tips that you may have for turning that messy frustrating cupboard into something you'll love and actually use...


  1. I have containers everywhere - thrown in, I don't even know what's what in there anymore. Finding lids for containers is my nightmare. You have some fantastic tips and I think I'm going to get in and do my kitchen cupboards now over easter while the kidlets are busy with their easter eggs.

  2. Usually I do keep my storing food container containment in check & tidy as I try keep them on the top shelf so my back doesnt hurt as much to get them out & put them back.

    As for my cooking container containment that does get out of hand as I keep them under my saucepan shelf but been talking to hubby & thinking of changing that around now since we dont use saucepans to cook much now its either cooked in the microwave, grill, oven on on the BBQ

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX


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