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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quick Organising Projects

Try our quick and easy organising projects to help you get started on the way to an organised and clutter free life style.

Clean Your Handbag Out - A handbag clear out will help you keep better track of your phone, purse and keys and will also help cut down the amount that you need to lug around.  For some quick handbag tips, see our post here

Wrangle Your Cord Clutter
Clear the tangled mess of cords behind your computer, tv and gaming consoles.  This only takes a few moments and there are loads of cord control products out there that can help keep your cords neat and organised.  Don't forget to label the cord near the power point end which will help you save more time when you are moving appliances around.  Another great tips is to use an over the door shoe hanger for spare cables ,charges and cords.

 Organise Your Junk Drawer
This is a great quick project for you to do when you have a spare half hour.  See our previous blog post here for some fantastic tips.  You never know what you'll find. 

A recent client of mine found some serious cash that she had stashed in her drawer.  A lovely surprise for her.  What are you waiting for - hop to it!

Other Quick Organising Projects:
  • Clean out your medicine cabinet - dispose of any expired medications.
  •  Clean out your recipe folder
  •  Clean out your sock and underwear drawer
  • Clean out your linen cupboard

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  1. Love this advice. I hope I can find some money in my junk drawer!


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