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Friday, December 17, 2010


Whether you want to admit it or not - we've all done it at one time or another - Re-gifting!  It is a great way to save money - as long as it is done with thought and tact.  If you are considering "re-gifting" this holiday season - consider the following points first:

  • Is the gift actually "re-giftable"?  Never ever regift handmade items, free promotional items.  Gifts such as good bottles of wine, new household items are fine to regift.
  • Check the quality of the gift.  Only new and unopened items should be considered.  Use the general rule: if you have to dust it off - it is *not* regiftable.
  • Don't be tacky and re-gift to just give a gift - ensure that the recipient will appreciate the item.  People like to believe the gifts that they receive were chosen with thought and care.
  • Do update the wrapping and put a new gift card on the item.
  • Don't forget where the gift originally came from.  Keep a list of regifts with the name of who gave you the gift.
  • Have you considered that an unwanted gift could be a welcome donation to a charity?
  • Another option is to sell your gifts on eBay.  You can use the proceeds from the sale of the unwanted gift(s) to buy real gifts.


  1. Is it regifting if you brought a present for someone but never sent it overseas so gave it to someone else for their birthday?

    Otherwise I've never regifted love all my presents to much that I get no matter how silly or stupid they are.

    (((( Hugs ))))

  2. Tee hee!! yes I've re-gifted plenty of times. Especially boxes of chocolate when I'm on a health kick! And especially at Christmas when I'm often given lots of them (and I'm fussy about my chocolate - there will be NO re-gifting of Lindt for example. But if it's Cadbury, well, it probably will be!).

  3. I regift - I am a prep teacher and there is only so much soap and body lotion that can be used, or chocolate eaten. So, unless they are my very faves, I put them aside and have regifted, donated or used for guests. Now I feel bad!

  4. Motorbikes Lady - Regifting is giving a gift you've received to someone else --- you're a good woman - I've always regifted, mainly because I hate clutter. I always keep handmade & sentimental gifts though, I'm not completely a cold hearted bitch LOL.

    Mel - I hear you on the chocolates! And completely agree - Lindt should never EVER be regifted lol.

    Rhubarb - I can totally relate - body lotions and soaps are totally made just to be regifted ;-) Don't feel bad - we all do it & I believe it's better that they go to a good home rather than sit and collect dust.

    Thanks for the comments girls :-) Wishing you all a very happy re-giftmas he he...


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