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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Desk Organisation 101

It really is essential to keep a clean and clutter free desk - whether at home or work.  Let's start afresh in 2011 and get your desk in order!

Here are some helpful tips to help you get your desk under control and work smarter, not harder:

Making Your Desk Functional
You must be able to find what you need quickly - planning your space well will save you time and ultimately money.

 Have a place for everything - which will enable you to access items at a moments notice - not go hunting through piles of clutter to find something.
If you use something every day - it needs to be more accessible than something you only use once or twice a week. 

Organise your files by labellilng them clearly - and in a system which allows you to find papers easily.  I use alphabetical order  - just easier that way for me.  Always make a point to file your papers as soon as you have finished with them - handling paperwork only once will help save you time!

Computer equipment takes a lot of room on our desk - printers, cords, modems, etc...  Keep your cords bundled together with velco strips and label them so you know what you are unplugging.

Creating Better Desk Habits
Piles are paper are one of the biggest problems I've come across as a professional organiser. The biggest piece of advice that I can offer you is to process each piece of paper as it comes to hand. Handle that piece of paper only once. Maintaining a clutter free desk will help keep you working productively.

A regular desk organisation routine can help save you loads of time. A planner or diary is a better place to make notes rather that random scraps of paper. Any time you are looking for information - it will be in the one place.

Tidy your desk at the end of each day - and it will give you a clean and fresh start the next morning.

Some Basic Tips to Help You Declutter And Reorganise Your Desk
You'll need to have a rubbish bin, a pen, files/folders,labels and a few good hours of your time.

Clear your desk completely - the top of the desk, the drawers, etc. Sort through each item and categorize it --- either put it away or get rid of it.

Get rid of things that you don't need - pens and pencils for example - if you're not going to use it - it's CLUTTER!

Have a place for everything - which will enable you to access items at a moments notice.

Setting up A Paper Managing System
  • Set up an inbox with a stackable tray where all items can be put that need attention.
  • You can have other trays - but less is more.  Personally, I have three: Inbox, Bills to Pay and Projects - this suits me, but may not suit you. 
  • Remember to file,shred or recycle that piece of paper once you have processed it.
Brash and Sassy specialise in organising - if you have a desk or office out of control - we can help!  Contact Us here and work smarter in 2011.

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