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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tips on How to Organise Your Computer

If you have a lot of documents, music, pictures and other files you will know that it's easy for them to become very unorganised.  Stop spending hours trying to find that file that you know you've saved *somewhere* on the computer and get your computer organised!

Below I have set out some tips that will help you obtain a well organised computer.  Please note that these tips are for Windows users - but other systems should be similar.

Create Folders
Your files and folders should be similar to the same categories as your paper/hardcopy filing system (providing that it is organsied).  Create folders, and sub folders.  

For example
Category Folder - Financial
Financial - Budgets; Expenses,
And so on...

Transfer your current files to the appropriate areas.

Delete Old Files
Delete old files that you do not use anymore.  Just be sure that if you are using a shared computer that others do not need those files.

File Emails
File your emails the same way that you file your hard copy correspondence.  Set up folders for different organisations, mailing lists, topics, and friends.  Check your email on a daily basis to avoid email's from accumulating. 

Don't subscribe to online newsletters unless you are going to have the time to read them.

Only save emails that you need to follow up or are important. 

Organise Digital Music
Storing music on your computer is a fantastic way to store your music.  There are many media programs that are available that help you to organise your media into folders - such as by the artist or title.  

Keep your music organised by removing songs that you don't like - this will free up space and make it a whole lot easier to find the songs that you *do* like.

Organise Your Photos
Storing your photos on your computer saves space and money and there are so many options and ways to store your photos.  Follow the above rules and store them in folders - such as events, family, work, etc.  Whatever works best for you. You may also like to file them according to year.

Don't forget to always back up your files so you don't lose them in a crash!

Organise Your Bookmarks
Keep your bookmarks organised into folders as well - and make sure that you go through these on a regular basis to delete the ones that you do not use anymore.  

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