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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Get Ready For Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas?

Well, we only have around four weeks left until Christmas to go now.... Don't be one of those people who leaves everything to the last minute - plan now for a stress free holiday!  If you haven't already - make a list, check it twice - don't be worrying about who has been naughty or nice...  Below is a checklist that I personally use every year in order to plan for Christmas...

  • Book hairdressing appointment for December - you would be surprised how busy they get around the festive season.
  • List the friends, family and others that you need to purchase gifts for.
  • Purchase your Christmas cards - don't forget that you may have spare cards left over from last year --- save yourself some money!
  • Make a list of people you will be sending Christmas cards to.
  • Order your ham and turkey and/or seafood - you do not want to be dissapointed.
  • Write out your Christmas Cards.
  • Send out international cards to ensure they receive them in time.  The postal services are extremely busy in the month of December - get in early.
  • Shop for new Christmas decorations - if you need new ones. They get heavily reduced after Christmas (the best time to stock up on them).
  • Check Christmas light bulbs - and purchase new ones if neccessary.
  • Purchase your christmas gifts (refer to your list)
  • Post Christmas Cards - always keep spare cards on hand (just in case).
  • Put up the Christmas tree and decorate your house.
  • Plan your food and drink shopping early.
  • Purchase your gift wrapping items - don't forget to check what you have left over from the previous year.
  • Wrap presents - make sure you have everyone covered.
  • Ensure you have the batteries required for any toys that may be given as presents on Christmas day.
  • Purchase any last minute gifts
  • Clean your fridge and oven
  • Purchase drinks and perishable foods a day or two prior to Christmas day.
  • Make a time-plan for Christmas day - to avoid panic.
  • Check cameras for batteries.
Christmas Eve...
  1. Prepare any salads and food that you can for the big day ahead.
  2. Set and decorate the table (if possible).
  3. Wrap any last minute presents.
  4. Ensure that you have checked your list twice and you have everything you need.
Christmas Day...
  • Get up nice and early - Christmas day isn't just for the kids you know.
  • Put the Christmas turkey onto cook.
  • Make the last minite preparations such as vegetables, desserts, etc.
  • And most importantly of all - enjoy your Christmas day - stress free - with your family and friends...


  1. All of our Christmas shopping both for food,drinks & presents is already done.

    We usually try get it all drinks & food shopping done by middle of November & the present shopping for others done by June.

    You have provided some great tips another great tip I would like to add if I may.

    Once a month when you go shopping buy a $10.00 or $20.00 or more if you can afford it Gift Card that way when Christmas rolls around you have the money covered (either fully or partly) already for the food & drinks.

    (((( Hugs ))))

  2. Hi sweety - Thanks so much for your comment. You sound more organised than even *I* am lol.

    What a fantastic tip - perhaps I should write a blog about Christmas time budgeting also - something a lot of us can struggle with.


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