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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Paper Management Tips For The Home

Handle incoming paperwork

  • Paperwork will come into your home in many ways – usually in the mail, email, paperwork from work, travel and school.  Set up ways for dealing with the paperwork so it doesn’t build up and clutter your areas.  Decide what to keep, what needs to be actioned and what needs to be filed.  Be tough and hold no prisoners. 
  •   Reconcile your bank statement every time you receive it.
  • Reduce paperwork that you receive by cutting down on how many bank accounts you have if possible

Keep follow up documents in clear sight so you don’t forget about them

  • Keep your gift cards in your purse so you have them readily available when you need to use them
  • Write your bill due dates in your diary and file them in a folder designated to that purpose, or keep them in a tray where they are in clear sight and you won’t forget about them and can clearly see the due date.  Schedule designated times to pay and review your bills. 
  • Keep invitations where you can see them and record the party date in your diary when you receive them and make sure you rsvp.  A great way to keep items in clear sight is to use a bulletin board.

Filing & Storage
  • Always file your bills immediately after paying.
  • Staple papers together instead of using paperclips.  Paperclips can easily get caught on other papers and muddle everything up.
  • Store your valuable documents in a fireproof safe
  • Regularly update your filing system
  • Keep your business transactions separate from your household transactions and expenditures.

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